Billboards in Home Wisma BCA Asia Also overwriting Residents

A pedestrian named I Nyoman Budhayasa ( 64 ) hit by large billboards while crossing Asia in Jalan Wisma BCA S Parman , West Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) . Event occurs when Jakarta was hit by heavy rain and strong winds .

According to Chief of Police Sector ( police chief ) Palmerah , Commissioner Sukatma , this time the victim was taken to the hospital in Jalan KS Pelni Tubun , Slipi , West Jakarta .

"The victim was hit by a billboard in front of Wisma BCA , Slipi , when crossing at that location . Currently the victim had been taken by a witness that is called Iksan security Wisma BCA Pelni Hospital in Slipi , " said Sukatma to .

Based on information from the doctor , Nyoman suffered fairly serious injuries and is undergoing intensive care .

" What I know from the testimony of the doctor , the victim suffered bruises on his face and left eye . Well as spinal fractures on the left as well .

According to information , the victim surgery scheduled tomorrow ( Wednesday, April 23, 2014 ) at Pelni Hospital , “said Sukatma .

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Previously reported , due to the collapse of the billboards , traffic flow direction towards Slipi Sky View faltered . Only lines that can be crossed Busway riders .


LG D725 , LG Mini variant G3 Immediate Release

LG D725 , LG Mini variant G3 Immediate Release
Previously , many people were predicting that the LG G3 will soon get a mini version , naturally called the LG G3 Mini . It is believed that the LG G3 Mini will run with model number LG D725 . And model number LG D725 has been found on the official website of LG . LG LG D725 is true that the G3 version of the Mini ?

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Reporting from phonearena , Profile UA confirms that LG D725 has a display resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels , and it has support for LTE smartphones and 3G connectivity . Other features ( which is yet to be confirmed ) seems to include an 8MP rear camera , and Android 4.4.2 OS orchestrated KitKat .

LG G3 offers a 5.5 inch screen Quad HD ( 1440 x 2560 pixels ) , but so far it is not known how large ( or small ) screen LG G3 Mini . In addition , the LG G3 will be announced officially in June 2014 , and so far there is no information on when the LG Mini G3 will be announced . It is probable that after the launch of the LG G3 to market .

Reportedly , LG G3 Mini may be launched in the U.S. by AT & T at some point .


Pangguni Uttirem, Reveals Nazar with Tongue Piercing

Indian Tamil Hindus in Banda Aceh carrying out rituals Pangguni Uttirem Tiruwila . This is a votive rituals carried off every month pangguni in each year .

Since Sunday morning , the people of India who live in the area of ​​the Village ( Village ) Keudah , Banda Aceh prepare for this ritual .

The reading of a prayer by Pandit Shri Shiva Jayabarthy Gurukel , approximately 10:00 am, marked the beginning of Pangguni Uttiram , namely marriage anniversaries Murrugen village .

Pandita from the city of Medan is mentioned , this activity is a part of the customs at the same confidence for the Tamil Hindus .

" This will be done by the Hindus who had previously vowed obtained courtesy in their lives , and every citizen carry out his vow with different ways according to what has been intended from the beginning , " said the tall skinny boned Pandita .

According to Shri Jayabarthy , in addition to prayer , ritual Nazar also strung in Uttiram Pangguni memorial .

Those who have Nazar ( promise ) to something , shall take action in accordance with what was intended , like the piercing of the body with a sharp object such as the tongue , back , ears , and nose .

In addition , there is also a consuming fire, or some are even overthrow him as a peacock where around the upper body stabbed a number of iron rods that form the tail feathers of peacocks .

This action is intended to return the sacred and Nazar owners have no debt on the pledge . ” This activity was used to do in 3 or 4 months , according to the Tamil calendar , as beliefs and customs in Pangguni , performed the ceremony to commemorate the marriage of the god Murrugen , ” said Shri Jayabarthy .

After praying in the temple , the Tamil Hindu ritual votive participants then paraded to the edge of the river , then conducted a ritual bath to purify themselves before participants Nazar pierced body parts.

" Those who pay the mandatory vow to fast for 3 days , it means not eating foods that are fishy , and stay in the temple . Thus , when purified , the body will not feel sharp pain stabbed , " said Pandit Shri .

Ritual Pangguni Uttirem Tiruwila also aims to invoke the blessing of the almighty and refused reinforcements and crime . ” If you want to follow this ritual , one must be in a clean condition , good clean body and clean mind and soul, and sincere , ” said Raju , a follower of rituals .

Though presenting horrific sights , rituals Pangguni Uttirem Tiruwila also attracted the attention of residents , including children . Not only local residents but also tourists who were spending a long weekend in Banda Aceh , also enjoy the ritual action .

" I first witnessed this event , and it is amazing in the city known as the mecca porch , turns out life is extraordinary beragamanya harmony , and harmony is very strong here , " said Adrian , a tourist from Palembang.

According to Adrian , he was quite a surprise to get a different view of religious activity within two days , in Banda Aceh , the celebration of Easter and Ritual Pangguni Uttirem .

" I purposely did want to enjoy the holiday atmosphere in the city of Banda Aceh , and has received two pleasant sight ," said Adrian .

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Not many Indian Hindu Tamil community in Banda Aceh . After the earthquake and tsunami , the community numbered only 45 people, compared to 100 the previous inhabitants.


Rupiah Still Have Opportunities for Stronger

The rate of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) capable of turning a verdant throughout the weekend. Although slightly higher early in the week , Dollar rise in line with movements in the price of gold futures also rose , with the sentiment re- simmering political issue in Ukraine .

" Market participants take advantage of the low rate of rupiah in recent days in the previous week pascaterkontaminasi with political sentiment to re- hunted , though still quite low in volume , " said the Head of Research at Trust Securities , Reza Priyambada in his research , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

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According to Reza , a statement from the Special Staff of the President of the Economy and Development , Firmanzah , that JCI and the Dollar gained as strengthening Indonesia’s economic fundamentals also provide positive sentiment because it shows the Government’s efforts in maintaining the momentum of economic recovery in the country .

" The rate of the rupiah positive survived despite this increase in the decline in the exchange rate of the euro after ECB President , Mario Draghi , expressed the appreciation of the Euro to the front will trigger more monetary stimulus , " he continued .

He added that the release of U.S. retail sales rose above estimates helped make the pace of the U.S. dollar strengthened . However , the impact is still the flow of foreign funds into the market to make the rate of Euro was able to continue its gains .

The rate of the rupiah during the week yesterday also had weakened again with the release of a positive response to a slight increase in chain store sales , and expectations of an increase in building permits as well as the data of U.S. manufacturing production which gives the perception of potential economic growth in the U.S. that have a positive impact on the pace of U.S. ddolar .

" On any weekend , Dollar still perched positive market participants as a positive response to the statement that the BPS April price movements will tend to deflation and the Ministry of Finance plan will provide fiscal incentives to encourage the manufacturing sector , " he said .

The rate of Euro still holding above the target support Rp11.478 per USD . While according to the exchange rate of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , Rupiah at the level of Rp11.465 - Rp11.400 per USD .

" Although the amount has a chance to bounce back yet , still look at the data , especially related to regional and global recovery in the U.S. that can strengthen the value of the U.S. dollar , " he concluded .


Buy Scissors Worth USD 20 thousand, Jokowi Pay Rp 100 Thousand

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) this afternoon performing Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque of Sunda Kelapa, Menteng, Central Jakarta. After the prayer, the presidential candidate PDI (PDI-P) is shopping at street vendors (PKL) in the mosque.

Jokowi, who is seen wearing a white shirt and black pants, was originally serving a reporter’s question while walking to his car wanted. However, Jokowi then stopped talking when he arrived at a stall vendors who sell equipment and utensils.

Jokowi was pensive staring merchandise vendors held on the tarpaulin. There is a padlock, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, to rat poison. He seemed to want to shop, but confused what to buy.

Jokowi reverie was interrupted by the then owner of merchandise. “Sir, buy padlock pack,” said Madun, the owner of the stall.

"Lock key for what?" Jokowi asked.
"Make any key pack, can also make key money," replied jokingly Madun.
However, Jokowi actually interested in buying a pair of scissors. He then opened the packaging to test the sharpness of scissors.

"Sharp’s pack can be used for cut trees," said Madun.
"The hell?" Jokowi disbelief. "That leaves," Madun jawan saying that the price is Rp 20 thousand scissors.

Jokowi then give Madun bill as he left. After former mayor of Solo the left lapaknya, squealing in delight when the new Madun know money given Jokowi bill is Rp 100 thousand.

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Meanwhile, Jokowi still continue cruising to the shanties in the palm of street vendors. The Iriana husband had stopped at the stall sellers itch medication. However, after hearing his merchandise promote a drug dealer, he then passed away.


Born This Accessories For Pocket Charger Super Fast

Smartphone battery that can last a long time is still an elusive dream . However , various solutions are presented in order to be able to make the smartphone battery charging can take place more quickly .

For example, users of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800 can enjoy charging smartphone battery faster than usual . Still have not had enough with the latest feature from Qualcomm ?

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Accessories LithiumCard named this may be an additional solution to the issue of charging smartphone battery sucks . This enhancement was born as a complement for enthusiasts features ’ hyperchargers ’ .

When tested LithiumCard to charge the smartphone two times faster than the standard USB charger . Interestingly , this device was born with a very slim size , just thick pile of credit card five .

LinearFlux which produces LithiumCard work hard in order to give birth to the sheer size . Not to mention this device dibenami battery capacity of 1200 mAh which will come loaded when used to recharge the phone battery .

Not only that , as quoted from Phone Arena , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , Lithium card is also equipped with a MicroUSB cable by default . Options have cable connector ’ lightening ’ Apple is also expected to be immediately available .

Currently , the price of which will be priced to get LithiumCard yet to be announced . LinearFlux mentioned are still in the stage of development before it is ready to receive orders from the manufacturer of the mobile phone world .


Bekasi Plan International Stadium Rental Rate Increase

Government of Bekasi , West Java , is planning to revise the tariff rent on international stadium facilities in the local area .

" Stadium lease rates according to current Regional Regulation No. 9 of 2012 on regional levies still refers to the shape of the old stadium that has not undergone restoration as it is now , " said Head of Building and Fire Bekasi Dada Gina , in Jakarta, Wednesday ( 16 / 4 ) .

According to him , the old stadium building rental rates charged to users of Rp 10 million per day is too small and not comparable to the quality of the stadium infrastructure today .

" Rent is valid from 06.00 to 20.00 pm , " he said .

According to him , the regulation revision request submitted it to the City Council for a review of Bekasi .

As an illustration , he said, it will refer to the tariff levy is currently in effect in the starling Harupat Stadium Manahan Solo and Bandung .

According to Dada , manager of The Road stadium Harupat stadium lease imposes a levy amounting to a total of USD 107 million , consisting of U.S. $ 57 million in rental rates plus USD 50 million guarantee fund .

" We are also planning to come Manahan Solo Stadium to compare the amount of the rent . Stadium of both the reference would appear ideal for stadium rental rates Bekasi , " he said .

The rental rate projections by Dada had the ideal number when compared to the costs of care stadium built with funds worth a total of Rp 450 billion .

" For any lawn care needs Rp 25 million per month . Yet include the cost of electricity usage , security and others that reached Rp 50 million per month , " he said .

Dada said , the absence of legal protection management of the stadium makes it feel difficult to manage due to the lack of stadium maintenance budget allocated by the government this year .

" On the use of the stadium last March 10, 2014 featuring the match against Persija Persipasi , had caused damage to the stadium turf and other facilities , " he said .

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It was forced to harness the relevant office staff to work community service cleaning up garbage and fixing damaged grass .


Pertamina: Never Shocked at the pump Ration Subsidized Solar Tak Coupled

Jakarta - PT Pertamina ( Persero ) will narrow the distribution of fuel oil ( BBM ) in particular solar subsidy towards the end of the year . This was done because the solar subsidy allocation amount is too much .

Pertamina Marketing and Commercial Director Hanung Budya revealed , subsidized fuel quota this year set at 48 million kiloliters . The amount given to Pertamina as much as 47.36 million KL or 99.6 % , the rest is given 2 companion channeling the AKR Corporindo and NES .

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" Of the 47.36 million KL , to the premium as much as 32.32 million KL , 14.14 million KL subsidized diesel , kerosene and 0.9 million KL , " Hanung said on the show APKASI Green Energy and Mining Investment Forum , in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Hanung revealed , specifically for diesel subsidy quota , Pertamina worried would not be enough until the end of the year . ” This is due to the realization of diesel last year’s 15.88 million KL , while this year only be 14.14 million KL or lower 11 % . Course this is not enough , ” he said .

Hanung asserted , by the end of this year , Pertamina will perform subsidized fuel restriction . It does not indicate the performance of Pertamina was wrong , but because the quota is not enough .

" So do not be surprised if later Pertamina limiting distribution of diesel at the pump , its quota is not increased. If Pertamina distribute subsidized fuel quota exceeds the budget , the excess will not be paid by the government , " he said .


Coca-Cola Sumedang suspicion Taxable Operating Permit Violations

Criminal Investigation Police Agency establishes PT Coca - Cola Botling Indonesia ( CCBI ) as suspects in the alleged violation of the operating license in Sumedang , West Java . Associated operating permit water source wells the company has expired .

" PT CCBI has 13 wells in operation since 2009 in Sumedang , " said Deputy Director of Specific Crime Criminal Investigation Police , Comr Alex Mandalika , at Police Headquarters last weekend . " Of the 13 wells , eight of which had not operated . There are still five wells ( operating ) but permission has been dead since 2011 . "

PT CCBI , said Alex , charged under Article 94 paragraph 3b suspicion Act No. 7 of 2004 on Water Resources . ” This is the first case that we print in Indonesia about the use of water resources was not procedural . “

Alex said investigators had requested information from a variety of witnesses related to the case. Among the witnesses , including the Board of Directors of PT CCBI , employees , and the number of expert witnesses as expert criminal law and public administration .

From the results of the examination , suspected criminal violations PT CCBI . ” Now we are looking into how the company deed and forth to ensnare who is the most responsible , ” said Alex .

According to Alex , when using the Corporations Act clearly directors should be responsible . ” But the legal liability of each is different,” he said without further details .

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In the near future , Alex added , investigators will seal the business location of PT CCBI . A number of documents will also be confiscated . Additional information will be asked of expert witnesses environment .


Three Signals Strong Coalition ‘Mega Solar’

Democratic National Party Chairman Surya Paloh entertain Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Tjahjo Kumolo . The meeting took place at the DPP ‘s office NasDem , Cik Di Tiro Street , Central Jakarta .

Meeting the leaders of both parties according to the Chairman of the National Election Campaign of the National Democratic Party , Ferry Mursyidan Baldan not the first time . ” Previous to Mr. Surya P. It PDI office before the election , ” Ferry said while talking to AFP , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

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Ferry did not deny being called the meeting of two top party officials is an attempt to build a coalition . Because it yesterday both parties to unite amid perceptions about a solution to fix this nation .

" The bottom line ( coalition ) meeting that it not only needs to be done just right there , and not just once , " he said .

But according to the second meeting yesterday Ferry , PDI-P and the party has not come to the discussion NasDem presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate , and a seat in the cabinet . “No ,” said he .

In addition to the two meetings , Surya Paloh and Megawati had also been met in Surabaya when the campaign period last March .

Do three times the meeting was a strong signal that the PDI-P and NasDem Party will form a coalition