Problem Products Containing Pork, MUI urges Smart Consumer

Institute for Food Drugs , Food and Cosmetics Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI LPPOM ) invites the public to participate reporting products that do not qualify to the authorities . It is associated with the discovery of biscuits containing pig in one of the mini . ( Read : Problem Biscuits Containing Pig , This response Indomaret )

" We urge the public to be a savvy consumer and improve the accuracy to buy or consume a product , " said Director of MUI LPPOM Lukmanul Judge to , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

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Related to that , call Lukman , LPPOM MUI will also open up communication directly or indirectly with the public by phone or email .

Lukman said , be a smart consumer is very important for being able to pick and choose what products are in accordance with or not . This being the case , the consumer is able to avoid the use of products that are not standardized and contain ingredients that are not suitable for consumption .

The accuracy is needed because, according to Lukman , the current regulations are not in favor of the consumer . With the discovery of biscuits containing pork , consumer rights have been violated because he thought the meal included worship in Irlam .

"People should still be a smart consumer , the regulations state that are not in favor of the consumers , especially the Muslims, " he said .

Lukman explained , the incident is a reflection of the lack of regulation that imported goods can go in and traded freely. Though called Lukman , not all imported goods are fit for consumption .

The current regulation says, not protecting the rights of consumers . Halal certification is only a voluntary ( voluntary), but not the obligation ( mandatory ) , resulted in a goods that do not have halal passed by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency ( BPOM ) .

Lukman said the MUI LLPOM not able to make much , because it does not have the authority to control and prosecution of such cases . According to him , there must be protection for consumers so no worries consumers in consuming food or beverages .


Failed to Meet Ahok, Grumpy Pristono Attorneys at City Hall

Former head of the defense team, Jakarta Transportation Department Udar Pristono , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) afternoon , came workspace Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama at the City Hall .

Their arrival was intended to clarify the statement Basuki few days ago stating that the lawyers Pristono crazy . Pristono lawyers who seem to come is Rizman and Arif Hasan Basri . They came around 12:45 pm .

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Once arrived at City Hall , both directly to the workspace Basuki which are on the second floor . However , when he got in front of the entrance , they were held by one of the aides Basuki , Sakti Soa . According to Way , Basuki do not want to see because they have a lot of meeting agenda .

" Who are you ? PNS not you ? You are not entitled to forbid us . We just want to meet the Deputy Governor named Ahok ( Basuki greeting ) , " said Rizman with high tone .

" My aide and I deliver what Mr ( Basuki ) say , " said Way.

Hearing this, Hasan said that there should Basuki refused to accept their arrival . What’s more , as a public official , he said , it is fitting Basuki shall receive all citizens who intend to submit complaints .

" We just want to ask for five minutes . We want to ask , I mean he says ’ crazy tu attorney . Makin she invites ado , I Amendment ’ . Means , he says here ‘s what Amendment ? " Hasan said .

After that , one of the bodyguards Basuki into her soon . Meanwhile , Hasan Rizman and still waiting outside . After waiting a few minutes , the guard came out to inform Hasan Rizman and if Basuki still do not want to be found .

After that , Rizman and Hasan was to leave the place . They said he was disappointed with the attitude that Basuki . ” It just proves Ahok officials say that only brave and dare not account for perbuataannya , ” said Rizman .


Closure Support Gang Dolly, Hundreds Ready “Put Body”

Hundreds of people from a number of elements in Surabaya held a rally supporting closing Dolly brothel in Surabaya City Hall courtyard , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

The mass of men, women , and even children were promised ” put the body ” to support policies Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini it .

A number of elements which are rallied in Madura Family Association ( Ikamra ) , People’s Movement Surabaya ( GRS ) , and Madura Unite Forum ( Formabes ) .

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In addition to using the two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel , they also use a truck full of sound system equipment .

According to the Chairman of the Advisory Board Ikamra , Badri Ali Zaini , he greatly appreciates and fully supports the mayor’s policy to close Dolly . ” Closing Dolly is the responsibility of the citizens of Surabaya . If left unchecked , all residents of Surabaya that will bear his sin , ” said Ali .

In fact , if possible , said Ali , it urged that the closure is done as soon as possible , no longer waiting for June 19 before fasting . It with all the supporting elements are willing to ” put the body ” if there are those who dare to hinder the good intentions .

" It’s called jihad against disobedience . We are ready to support to the death , " he said .

While waiting encountered Risma , each element representation continues to make speeches . Meanwhile , Risma still meet guests from the country of Saudi Arabia .


No problem Gerindra Ahok Coalition with MCC

Vice Governor of Jakarta which also Gerindra Party cadres , Basuki light of a full moon , do not challenge the coalition between his party and SMEs. It claims to have a good relationship with the SMEs Faced Islam , including the number of members of the DPRD DKI original party .

According to Basuki , among which some time ago to reject the governor does not belong among internal SMEs, but the Echo Justice , beans with pungent odor just underbow from the party .

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"I’m in Jakarta has never clashed with SMEs , okay . Whether Pak Sani ( SMEs original DPRD members Triwisaksana ) is also fine . Which is right organizations such conflict - ormasnya . Had you asked why ( Gerindra ) can be combined with SMEs Yes , that’s politics , there is no eternal friends and enemies . Ideology of Smallville fast can also join , yes , "said Basuki at the City Hall in Jakarta, Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Basuki also declare support articles duet between the Chief General Prabowo Subianto PAN Hatta Rajasa . After all, it admits not have the right to interfere in matters of his party .

"I’m hell anyone ( attorney Prabowo ) OK , just OK . ‘s Their business . Huh I already endowed in Jakarta . Become a nonstop headache. Managing nyoblosnya wallahu natural state . Cascaded , right , " said the man who was familiarly greeted Ahok .

SMEs have expressed themselves merge into the coalition formation Gerindra , that carries a potential presidential candidate Prabowo . Besides SMEs , two other parties join with PPP and PAN are .


Appeared in 2022 , 5G 1000 Times Faster Than 4G

LONDON - EE ( Everything Everywhere ) , an enterprise mobile network operator and internet service provider based in the UK , is conducting research to realize 5G service in 2022 .

Reported by the Telegraph , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) , the Company is headquartered in Hatfield claims that the 5G network is capable of transmitting data between 1000 to 5000 is stronger than the 3G and 4G now . So it will create an infinite capacity (infinite capacity) sufficient to provide data availability for any application .

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Meanwhile , a number of latest mobile phones in the UK are now using the 4G network . This technology is just beginning to be implemented , because the scope and speed of a reliable data connection .

There are approximately three million new people who sign up on the EE network operators , and the company is also currently developing 5G to adopt for the future . The introduction of these new technologies take a decade or 10 years to bring the network technology from research beginning to be realized .

Professor Andy Sulton said , 5G network will consist of a number of cells that support a top speed of between 10 and 100Gbps . The technology is also called ultra - low latency , which means the data will be retrieved dibadingkan 1-10 milliseconds faster with 4G , approximately 40-60 milliseconds .

In easier terms , that means if you used to watch streaming , will immediately begin without a long wait . So , if netters need data at 100Mbps to the needs of the ultra HD video streaming on a smartphone , it will be met by the network .


New Built, Market Worth USD 14 Billion vanish and Cracks

Projo Market building Ambarawa stage I had just finished December 23, 2013 back in trouble . The building was originally a substitute for burning Projo market in June 2012.

There are at least six points on the second floor of the building collapses . Even talud foundation of the two-story building broke . These conditions make the number of traders fret , they worry worth Rp 14 billion building had collapsed due to allegedly violating the prescribed specifications .

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"We’re disappointed , but it was built with funds of Rp 14 billion, but had cracked and subsided . Of course we were worried that there was nothing, which occupy our risk , "said Bejo ( 69 ) , one of the traders on the sidelines of the market Projo Hok Hiong , Semarang District Council members who were checking the damage to the building , on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon .

To note , the building is done in cooperation with PT Merdeka Suryatama PT Main Rekaisti never suffered damage last month after the completion in January 2014 . Almost the same damage , the seven -story building collapses in different points .

The damage has been repaired . This time , the damage occurs in stalls and stall on the second floor and foundation talud damaged .

From field observations , the damage varies . The most severe subsidence floor 15 centimeters deep with a diameter of less than one meter , in addition to the foundation talud chapped . Conditions that make traders worried collapse if struck will occupy the building .

" We do not understand the technicalities of building , so it should be reviewed by the DPU and the third -party consultant supervisor . Why to happen this way and is caused by what . Malfunction We are concerned with this , we want the perfect building . We worry if later built two- stage , then the loss will be greater . because now a lot of damage that occurred here , " said the Hok Hiong .


Had Down , Facebook Gradually Restored

Jakarta - Some Facebook users reported a disturbance . Many of them complained via Twitter . The social networking giant was immediately clean up .

Those who complain , the service reported that the site is owned by Mark Zuckerberg had repeatedly displays the message ’ temporarily unavailable ’ . As a result , they can not access Facebook .

Facebook page developer was , as quoted from Tech Radar , Saturday ( 10/05/2014 ) , confirmed that Facebook is currently experiencing service disruption .

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" Since at 4:32 pm ( U.S. time ) we have problems on our services , causing a higher error rate than normal . We are on it and fix it right away , " read a message on his Facebook page developers .

Luckily, this disorder does not overwrite all Facebook users . Most other users do not seem to experience Facebook down and access it properly . Currently , Facebook reportedly already returned to normal service .

" Earlier this afternoon there are problems in our service infrastructure , which causes some users can not access Facebook for a while . We gradually improve it and the services have started to recover . Sorry for the inconvenience , " said a spokesman for Facebook .


Those Who Could not Back to Senayan

2014 election full of surprises , especially the results . Not a few incumbent legislative candidates are mentally , failed to return to Senayan . Parliament faces the period 2014-2019 will be changed by the presence of new people beyond 90 percent of the 560 members of the House of Representatives 2009-2014 .

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Long before the vote takes place , a lot of predictions about the face of Parliament that could be cooked up . However , the prediction was not entirely the case. For example , the Vice Chairman of the Assembly Hajriyanto Y Thohari ( Golkar ) that failed from the electoral district of Central Java IV . Nurul Arifin ( Golkar ) , artist and women ‘s activist , also failed to retain his seat in the electoral district of West Java VII .

Vice Chairman of Commission IX Nova Riyanti Joseph ( Democrat ) is also the possibility of bouncing . Noriyu novelist by the name of the failed bid for a seat electoral district of East Java VII . Similarly, Eva Kusuma Sundari , a member of Commission III ( PDI - P ) , fail in the electoral district of East Java VI .

House Speaker Marzuki Alie ( Democrat ) and Deputy House Speaker Priyo Budi Santoso ( Golkar ) also mentioned losing the election . Another incumbent candidates , such as former model Okky Asokawati and former Chairman of PB HMI Taufiq Hidayat , also the possibility of bouncing .

Seeing the results of the 2014 election , the popularity alone is not sufficient to equity . Working capital and approach to his constituents for nearly five years does not guarantee electability . Those who fail and mentioned above is proof .

not sorry

Despite failing to defend the parliamentary seats , most candidates do not regret incumbent engage in practical politics . They only deplore the rampant cheating , particularly political money .

Hajriyanto , for example , as late as two weeks after voting states to accept defeat . ” Nothing to be sorry because my voters remain the same with the 2009 elections , that ‘s 42,000 . That is , I have not lost my voice , “he said .

DPP Chairman of the Golkar Party ‘s failure to maintain a reading chair as a way to stop the Lord of Senayan . As a political activist who choose the path , Hajriyanto learn legawa , accept defeat . Moreover , he had four periods a member of Parliament since the 1997 election .

A few days ago , Nurul also appeared in parliament stating accept defeat . Acquisition of Commission II members vote it fell , from about 195,000 in 2009 to 68,000 voice Election . ” I have accepted this defeat , but I still have not received the team . A total of 68,000 ‘s voice that I can that the results of my campaign door to door for this , “he said .

Although defeated by fraud , Nurul do not regret choosing the political path . He also will not stop fighting for the people even though the move was not in parliament . Deputy Secretary General of the Golkar Party actually has more time to be active in political parties and a number of community organizations .

Eva , who was losing money because of the politics surrounding it, also accept defeat . However , the defeat was not made ​​the way he wants to quit politics . ” Politics does continue , it is in my blood , whether ethical or practical politics , ” he said .

Currently , Eva actively engaged in various activities to support the presidential candidate of the PDI - P , Joko Widodo . In addition to disseminating information related agendas Jokowi , Eva also actively construct and deploy releases to support Jokowi . He joked ‘ve got a new job , as a writer for Jokowi release .

Noriyu also determined not to stop . Determination of the incumbent candidates were not elected it proves that House seats are not everything . Not be representative of the people should wait for the interests of the people . The struggle to defend and real people can still be done even outside parliament.


Russian Kiev ask people to stop slaughter

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday , asking the Kiev authorities to stop the killing of their own citizens , saying the use of force against citizens is a sign of helplessness and evil .

" The power in Ukraine ‘s capital city have to use the feelings and stop killing its citizens . If not dismiss the fate of the country turned into a really sad , " Medvedev said on Facebook .

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" The use of violence in southeastern Ukraine is a sign of powerlessness and an evil act ruler of Kiev , " he said as quoted by AFP .

He accused the government launched a retaliatory attack on Friday morning after soldiers attacked rebel supporters in the city of Moscow Slavyansk , eastern Ukraine .

Medvedev said Kiev moving troops , not start a speaker in the spirit of the Geneva agreement , to bring all the warring parties to the negotiating table to discuss the deal and the way out .

" People are dying . Blood spilled , " Medvedev said .

" The responsibility lies war against its own people in the decision-making evil in Kiev , " he said .

The term ” retaliation ” is used in the Russian history books to describe the movement against the Nazi forces during World War II .

The attack on Friday that led to anger Moscow , where President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman , Dmitry Peskov , calling the incident was the last straw over the peace deal , which was agreed in Geneva last month .

Putin has not issued any public responses to the recent attacks in the Ukraine .

Russia on Friday called for an emergency session of the Security Council of the United Nations to discuss the sharp increase of violence in Ukraine , where security forces clashed with rebel defenders of Moscow .

Diplomats said the meeting , the 13th session of the agency to discuss Ukraine since the beginning of this crisis, is scheduled to take place at 16:00 GMT ( 1:00 pm Saturday ) .

This meeting prompted amid increasing insurgency in eastern Ukraine , where rebels control more than a dozen cities and towns .

Ukraine ‘s Western-backed government accused Russia of fomenting rebellion in the region and counter-attack , the army launched a movement to seize control of the town Slavyansk heated .

In response , Russia on Friday warned that the use by the Ukrainian army against its own people in the east will lead to disaster and urged the West left a destructive policy towards Ukraine .


Prevent Motorcycle Gang, Traffic Discipline Lesson in School Curriculum

Department of Education and Culture ( Department of P and K ) in Semarang district will incorporate the lessons of safety and orderly traffic on the curriculum in every school .

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Application of orderly traffic subjects will be imposed after the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Semarang Police Traffic Unit is scheduled to be signed right at the top of National Education Day ( Education Day ) , May 2, 2014.

" We see a lot of students are already using a motor vehicle . In fact we often hear of a motorcycle gang members and young people commit violent acts . So it needs to be given lessons on traffic order and safety so that they are not affected by negative things , " said Head of P and K Semarang regency , Goddess Pramuningsih , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) afternoon .

The course material traffic , according to the Goddess , will be routinely administered by officers of the Police Traffic Unit Semarang . The lesson will be inserted during school hours Citizenship Education ( Civics ) . ” The lesson will use most of the time civics lesson , ” said Dewi .

Meanwhile, the Semarang Police Traffic Unit officer , Inspector Yantoro , say , the socialization of orderly traffic is already often done because the police institution has become a policy of the center . However , so far its still situational .

With the provision of school hours in a number of schools , materials orderly traffic is expected to achieve its goals and objectives .

" We welcome the traffic lessons in schools . This is a preventive measure in order to reduce the number of traffic violations , " said Yantoro .

He added , to support the program , a number of policemen from Police Traffic Unit Semarang and some teachers were undergoing training to teach traffic held Ditlantas Central Java Police .